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The Super Awsome Social Media Content Calendar

When I started my first library job I noticed how infrequently the libraries were posting to their Twitter and FaceBook pages. I was a bit surprised. Until I learned there was no formal outreach person or department at the library. As a part-timer looking to make her mark on the library world (oh how bright-eyed we librarians-to-be can be) I casually mentioned how I would love to help maintain the social media feeds for the entire library system! Little did I know six months later I would be hired full-time and running the social media accounts for the libraries.  With total control of what gets posted. So much POWER.

So much responsibility.

Any social media manager (or web content manager) will tell you that in order to keep on top of the mass amount of information that could be posted to your site or social media feeds, you have to plan. Plan the content according to what’s happening now, what is going to happen, what has happened, and what your audience is likely to like. You also have to learn. Learn your audience’s social media habits, their interests, their reason for following you. This goes along with one of the web development/design fundamentals I learned way back when. Before you even start putting pen to paper or code to page, you have to ask yourself WHY you are designing/developing the site you’re designing/developing. There has to be a reason. Otherwise you have no direction for your site. When you know your why you can plan your what. And the what in question is content (or what should I post). And the how (do I maintain/organize all this content)? With the Super Awesome Social Media Content Calendar.

There are plenty of free social media content calendars out there available for marketers and content managers, but none that fit my needs. So I created one. One I could maintain via Google Drive, share with colleagues, update on the fly, and keep a record of posts year-over-year. You know. So I can repost content when I’m in a post rut or there just isn’t much going on at the library (like when there are no students around).

Using the calendar is simple. There are several sheet I’ve added: Year, Padding, and Ideas. Year is obvious. It marks the current year and lists the date, day of the week, feeds posted to, the post title, content, image source/description, and URL of any page mentioned or pointed to in the post. I’ve added Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook, but the calendar can be updated to include any social media stream. YouTube, Pinterest, or Snapchat, to name a few. Padding is for those posts you want or need to repeat frequently to remind your audience of the resources, services, or expertise your library offers. Ideas is just a list of ideas I came up with for future posts/campaigns I thought some folks might find interesting.

So go ahead. Download the calendar. Give it a try. And let me know if you like it.

2 years ago