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LibGuides. And Feeling Like a Twitter Star!

Last week I took a little time to work on a LibGuide called Free Resources I started over the “slow” winter session. I say “slow” because life at the library never slows down where technology is involved. That, and I have this crazy habit of making sure I am busy all of the time.

Because busy is beautiful?

When I was done editing the page I posted it to the library’s Twitter page so our followers/students could easily find these resources over the weekend. Next thing I knew, the page was shared by the company that created and runs LibGuides. SpringShare!

LibGuides are the library world’s go-to system for creating quick, easy to manage content for internal or external use. Most of my guides focus on our technology lending program, such as the lending technology help guide and Technology @ The Library. I love making LibGuides. Makes me feel like I’m still part of the web world.

Like most content management LibGuides allows you to get right into the weeds of HTML. You can edit, change, update, or remove any issues you might be experience using the content’s design view. Because of previous web content jobs I’ve held, I have a tendency to check the HTML side of my guides just out of curiosity. You never know the kinds of junk code you might bring over when you paste content from a word or google doc. Check it out sometime. It’s very interesting. 

Anyway, thank you for sharing my guide, SpringShare. You totally made my day.

1 year ago