#IST646 Final Project.

Well. Here it is. My final project for IST646: Digital Storytelling. This was something I had talked about making for a while now, and now I’ve done it! The journey of a book from processing to patron. You’ve probably never thought about it. Neither did I. But there’s a lot that goes into getting materials from technical services to the stacks. I hope this helps demystifies the process.



2 years ago
  1. I love your final project! Your video should be required viewing for every library school student. There are so many instructional videos that are boring and stuffy, but yours is so much fun. I kept nodding and giggling throughout your video because it was so realistic, but it had a nice touch of whimsy. Loved your music choice, especially when Mumford and Sons are singing I will wait, I will wait…and the book actually seems like it’s waiting to be picked up and sent to the next location. Awesome project!

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