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Look Ma! I’m in Print!

Ashley Chassé in the News? || Library Life ||
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It’s a strange thing seeing your picture in print. Not like a family portrait or old photo on your grandma’s fridge. I mean IN PRINT. In a newspaper, newsletter, magazine, article. Online or physical, it’s so odd to think people want to talk to me about things I’ve done at work. But apparently, they do.

This isn’t my first foray into the world of print media. Last year Cindy and I were interviewed for the student-run newspaper The Heights about our Banned Books Week display. It was the student’s first article and my first time being interviewed. Cindy was a pro. Now we’ve been interviewed four times for our marketing efforts at the library and each time it’s strange and fun and I always end up laughing in every photo.

I don’t see my job as just a job. Working for an academic library may not have been my first choice when I decided to go back to school and get my MLIS, but I couldn’t ask for a better incubator to learn and develop the skills I’m being taught in my classes. Being interviewed for the library’s newsletter when I’ve only been an employee for a year and eight months is just another reminder that, despite a lot of set back, I was meant to be a librarian.

2 years ago