Business Cards from Canva (a review)

Canva. I love Canva. For work. For personal stuff. For family. And recently, when I needed business cards, I decided to try designing my own (using Canva of course)!

Note: The following in an unsolicited review of and its printing service.

The Design

Now, as you may know, Canva has plenty of design templates to choose from. But in true minimalist fashion, I decided to go very simple and make my own template. Going with the same fonts as the website’s logo (Amatic SC) and header text (Josefin Sans) along with my favorite color (magenta or #ff0099) I began fiddling with some layouts and options until I came up with this:

Business Cards from Canva ||

One of my library school friends (Megan) has a great business card with lines on the back for writing out ideas and conversations she was having with people so they could remember what they wanted to connect about. I loved it, so I used it.

With the finished product decided on all that was left ordering them.┬áBut where oh where to get these printed? There are plenty of places online, of course. Then I noticed at the top of the page, right next to the download button, that Canva now offers printing! How convenient…

The Order

The options for ordering are straightforward. And the price is great! Of course, when you want double-sided cards you double the price, but in this case it was worth it.

Business Cards from Canva ||

The Finished Product

After the order was placed in took about a week for the business cards to arrive. And I am really happy with the results.

Business Cards from Canva ||

First, the packaging was amazing. But the business cards really blew me away. They are so professional looking. So silky. And really crisp!

Business Cards from Canva ||

How adorable, right? With these business cards I’m ready to network and attend conferences and librarian out in the real world.

Do you like Canva? I’d love to see what you’re working on! Follow me at!

5 months ago


  1. Really good idea to print the lines on the back. When I went to a film festival a year or so ago, it was recommended that I put something other than “writer” on the cards, as EVERYONE there has a card that says, “writer” or “director” and so on. I found that putting a couple of hobbies on the card (in addition to writer) were sure-fire conversation starters. Your cards look great!

  2. JMG –

    That was a huge struggle for me since, like most librarians, there is so much more I can do because shelve books. The etc. felt like a good way to get people to ask “hey! what does that stand for…” I love the idea of putting hobbies on your card.

    Thank you so much for your compliment on the cards. I couldn’t be happier with them!


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